With this article I want to make a retrospective retrospective of these 30 years of Clínica Noguerol.

In 1991 we opened our dental clinic on Rector López Argüeta Street. At that time we were a small clinic, in which we were working on 3 persons. We were a clinic of specialization in periodontics and implants. In fact, back then we were one of the first dentists in Granada to perform dental implant treatments.

For many years we have collaborated with colleagues in Granada to treat gum disease in patients referred to us from their practices. Due to the changing needs of our patients, who were increasingly requesting complete treatments in our clinic, 10 years ago we decided to change our clinic model and incorporate new treatment disciplines.

By 2006, the team had grown, and we were already 10 people. We started a construction site at number 11 of San Lazaro Square for move to a new clinic and to have modern and modern and more spacious facilities to offer more comfort to our patients.

One year later, on November 7, 2007, we opened for the first time in the new location.

Possibly the moment that has changed our way of working the most is the incorporation of new technologies into the clinic. incorporation of new technologies such as intraoral such as the intraoral scanner or the CBCT CT scanner.

In 2007 we were the first clinic in Granada to have CT CBCT for dental implant treatment planning.. A few years later, in 2016, we incorporated the. intraoral scanner. Access to these technologies in the clinic’s office has improved diagnosis and treatment planning. Having these machines in the office makes the patient’s experience more pleasant during visits to the clinic, avoids trips to other centers for radiographic tests and helps us to be more precise when performing the treatment.

Over the last few years, our goal has been to incorporate the best specialists to form an interdisciplinary team capable of dealing with the most complex cases.. This allows us to perform comprehensive treatments in the clinic.

First, the Dr. Alejandra Costas joined the team 6 years ago and currently performs cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic treatments. He also collaborated for four years with us doing periodontics and prosthetics, the Dr. Fernando Guerrero.

Four years ago, Dr. José María Bolinches joined the team of doctors. Dr. José María Bolinches. Orthodontist from the Complutense University of Madrid. He is a certified Invisalign doctor and a fundamental part of the team when we face complex orthodontic and periodontic cases.

Two of our children have wanted to follow in my footsteps and have studied dentistry. Fernando joined the clinic after studying, as I did, the Master of Periodontics at the Complutense University of Madrid. Blas made the Master in Oral Rehabilitation and Esthetics at the International University of Catalonia in Barcelona.

The latest addition to the team will be our son Nacho who is a computer engineer and is currently studying for an MBA master’s degree.. He will be in charge of directing all the management part of the clinic.

The near future is a complete overhaul and expansion of the clinic. in the same location where we are currently located in Plaza de San Lázaro. We want to continue to be a reference center in oral rehabilitation and aesthetics in the province of Granada. and for this we continue to focus on the continuous training of all team members.

Blas Noguerol

Director of Clínica Noguerol

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