Dental anti-aging: Restore a youthful smile

On some occasions, we have observed that some people who are younger than others appear to be older. Aging is, logically, a natural process that occurs in physiological aspects, including oral physiology, both of the teeth and the gums.



However, we can “delay” aging by making the right corrections, restoring a natural, youthful appearance to the smile and, why not, restoring the confidence and security we all need when smiling.








Smiling has a very effective and direct impact on personal well-being. In addition, it gives a very positive feeling and image of the person. Dental anti-aging restores the consequences derived from the passage of time, which are generally the following:


Worn, irregular, fractured or cracked teeth.

Dull enamel, darkened teeth, intrinsic and extrinsic dental stains.

Tooth mobility, root exposure, receding and blackened gums.

Dental crowding, interdental spaces.

Missing teeth.

Discomfort or clicking when opening and closing the mouth.

Loss of elasticity in the lips.


If you present at least two of these points, we strongly recommend you to visit your dentist and study if it would be convenient to undergo an anti-aging process.






At Clínica Noguerol we are always committed to technology, that is why we have Digital Smile Design. This is a revolutionary and sophisticated methodology that, through a process of digitalization of the smile, makes it possible to simulate the esthetic result of the patient.





In this way, with Digital Smile Design we can observe in advance the procedure to be carried out, and the patient can know before undergoing the treatment how his or her smile will look like .



With Clínica Noguerol’s technology, it is very easy to have the smile you have always wanted. Our specialized team will adapt to your particular situation, advising you from the beginning to the end of the treatment.


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