Dental Colorimeters. What they are and what they are used for

Our smile is our letter of introduction. When we smile, we transmit emotions that are impossible to achieve in any other way. However, when we are not comfortable with the esthetics of our teeth, smiling is difficult and we tend to hide more.

If you are embarrassed to smile, you should know that cosmetic dentistry integrates the necessary treatments to improve your smile.

At Clínica Noguerol, we are experts in dental aestheticsandwe prove it with the satisfaction of our patients.

What are dental colorimeters?

A dental colorimeter is a device that allows us to know the exact color of the dental pieces.

This system works by applying a light to the surface of the teeth to be lightened and, after a few seconds, displays the exact shade of the teeth on the screen.

By taking this color, we can plan the treatment in a personalized way, achieving a much more natural smile adapted to each patient .

Dental colorimeters help us to be more objective in taking color and, as a consequence, to improve treatment results.

What are dental colorimeters used for?

Dental colorimeters are used both for teeth whitening and for planning dental veneers.

In the case of whitening, by recording the color before, during and after the treatment, the dental colorimeter will allow us to objectively know the evolution of the shade of the teeth.

In addition, at regular visits to the dentist, the colorimeter will determine whether a tooth can continue to lighten or whether it has already reached its maximum.

On the other hand, the dental colorimeter allows custom-made dental veneers to be perfectly matched to natural teeth. By objectively taking the color, dental veneers are produced with a shade that perfectly matches the teeth in good condition.

Advanced technology, the key to success

At Clínica Noguerol we know that investing in technology is synonymous with patient satisfaction.

In addition to the dental colorimeter, in our clinic we also use the Digital Smile Design (DSD This has allowed us to improve the diagnosis, planning, development and outcome of many of our treatments.

Can you imagine being able to know what your smile will look like if you undergo treatment? DSD transforms that imagination into reality.

If you are looking for specialists in dental aesthetics in Granada, do not hesitate to contact us.

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