Dental treatments before your wedding: which to choose

Your wedding day arrives, your suit is perfect, your family is happy and your partner is waiting for you smiling across the room, but you feel that something is wrong with your smile. Your teeth don’t make you feel comfortable and you don’t manage to enjoy the moment as you dreamed.

This feeling of insecurity about our mouth is very normal. We assure you.

Many brides and grooms want to improve their smile before their wedding, so they can forget about it and smile without complexes. To help you, we have dental esthetic treatments that can make it easier for you to reconcile with your image.

Tooth whitening: easy, convenient and fast

The most requested pre-wedding treatment, even by guests and family members, is teeth whitening. teeth whitening.

It has great advantages such as:

  • Its results are visible in just one session.
  • The treatment is done in less than 2 hours.
  • Brightens the smile and eliminates the yellowish tone.

As a treatment that offers immediate results and rejuvenates the smile, brides and grooms often choose it.

Dental veneers to change your smile

Dental veneers continue to be one of the most commonly used treatments to modify the shape, size and/or color of teeth.

It is a treatment that allows changing the entire smile, from one tooth to the whole mouth.

Some dental veneers require grinding the teeth before they are placed, so the original structure is permanently modified. In spite of this detail, if the teeth do not have an ideal shape or size, this process is not something that should affect them, since they will only serve as a support for the dental veneers.

The advantages of dental veneers are as follows:

  • They are made to measure.
  • They can last for many years.
  • They are used to correct diastemas or gaps between teeth.
  • They can be used to modify the color of teeth that cannot be lightened by bleaching (cases of excessively stained teeth).

In the end, any treatment that modifies the shape and appearance of your smile can help you feel better about yourself, as well as help you regain your dental, general and mental health.

If your wedding day is approaching and you want to wear a perfect smile, contact our dental clinic. We will answer your questions and advise you on the best dental treatment to meet your expectations!

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