Dental veneers without grinding, is it possible?

Correcting deficiencies related to tooth color, shape or size is a common demand from our patients.

One of the best solutions for these esthetic alterations is to place dental veneers. However, there is a risk that a person may not want to have this cosmetic dental treatment performed. dental esthetics fear that other teeth may be damaged.

To avoid this type of situation, there is the possibility of placing dental veneers without grinding, that is, directly incorporating a thin layer of porcelain or composite on the enamel.

These veneers, also called no-prep veneers, are placed through a minimally invasive procedure, in a reversible and painless way, avoiding the wear that would occur in the tooth using the traditional method.

What can dental veneers without grinding correct?

The placement of dental veneers without preparation is used for:

  • To give the dental piece a more esthetic shape.
  • Modify the length of the teeth so that they are proportionate.
  • Eliminate dental stains.
  • Closing diastemas (empty space between two dental pieces).
  • Correct the alignment of teeth that are slightly crooked.
  • Repair a chipped or fractured tooth.

If the factor to be improved is based on the color of the teeth and the stains are not very severe, tooth whitening can be performed. tooth whitening instead of a veneer treatment.

Eligibility conditions for veneers without milling

It should be noted that not all patients may be able to choose this treatment option. A series of conditions are necessary to facilitate the successful placement of these veneers:

  • It is preferable for the patient to have short teeth.
  • The inclination of the teeth is not a problem, as long as they are slightly inward.
  • The space between the teeth to be filled with veneers should not be wide.
  • The level of wear and color of the dental piece should be taken into account by the professional who is going to carry out the treatment.

Advantages of having a dental veneer placed without milling

There are many advantages to the advantages of dental veneers without milling:

  • They allow tooth variations to be made without additional wear on the teeth.
  • It will not be necessary to use temporary parts.
  • As it is a painless procedure in itself, anesthesia is not required.
  • No one will notice that you are wearing dental veneers.
  • The results of this treatment are long lasting.

At Noguerol Dental Clinic we have professionals capable of making the most of your smile. Let our team advise you and get a healthier version of your teeth.

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