I want to have immediate dental implants. Can I do it?

The immediate implants implants have been a true revolution in dental high technology. A few years ago it was unthinkable to be able to recover a tooth in less than 24 hours . Today, it is a reality.

To be able to smile and chew normally in just one day is something that all patients value positively, and that is why it is common to find the question “Can I have immediate dental implants?

Trauma without the possibility of saving the natural tooth or teeth with structural problems due to large caries are the most common reasons for accessing this type of implantology. In order to recover teeth immediately, it is necessary that the patient meets a series of requirements.

Are you missing a tooth and want to replace it now?

The final decision on the patient’s suitability for immediate implant placement will be made by the periodontist in charge of the case to be addressed. All patients receive a diagnostic study of the state of their mouth to verify that it is in optimal conditions of health and function to receive treatment.

However, there are a series of requirements that the patient must meet in order to be eligible for this procedure.

Preserving an optimal quantity and quality of bone, not having active periodontitis, performing an adequate oral hygiene or having the teeth adjacent to the absent one in good condition are some of the most important conditions.

If you do not meet any of these requirements, you may not be a candidate for immediate loading implant treatment. In this case, a conventional implant treatment will be performed.

Obtaining a good treatment result will always prevail over any substantially lesser aspect, such as the temporary esthetics of the smile.

You can consult all the information about the process of this type of surgery in our immediate load dental implants section.

We offer personalized advice by calling us and making an appointment at our dental clinic. We can help you get back the smile you want safely and effectively.

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