Is interproximal hygiene really necessary?

Does it really do any good to clean between your teeth? It is common for patients to ask us about the need to clean between the teeth, either with dental floss or interproximal brushes.

Brushing removes approximately 60% of the plaque from the surfaces of our teeth. The other 40% corresponds to the interdental or interproximal areas. The use of interproximal brushes is recommended for people who have implants or periodontitis. These patients more frequently have spaces between the teeth, where dental floss is not sufficiently effective in removing bacterial biofilms. However, those whose space between the teeth is filled by gum should floss their teeth.

Bacterial plaque that remains between the teeth can be the cause of halitosis or bad breath.

What is an interproximal brush?

An interproximal brush is a cylindrical brush, smaller than a normal toothbrush. It is composed of a rigid central wire from which Tynex filaments are projected, which eliminate biofilms.

What are the benefits of using an interdental brush?

Maintaining good dental hygiene is fundamental not only for the health of our mouth, but also for our general health.

By using an interdental brush we ensure that we remove the plaque that remains in the interdental spaces of our mouth. In this way, we prevent periodontal diseases, gingivitis and periodontitis, and other oral diseases such as caries.

In addition, having a healthy mouth prevents bacteria present in the mouth from being transferred to other organs of the body, which can lead to systemic diseases.

Do you want to know how to use these devices for interdental hygiene? In Clínica Noguerol, we have a team of dentists and hygienists in the center of Granada specialized in oral prevention that will teach you how to improve your hygiene.

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