Noguerol Clinic. Back to normal post Covid19

During the confinement, the Noguerol clinic team has not been idle.

Although for security reasons we have only been able to attend to emergencies, the members of the team, from home, have prepared ourselves so that the return to normality is done with maximum security.

None of the members of the CLINICA NOGUEROL team have shown symptoms of coronavirus infection.

Actions taken

  • We have received specific, evaluated training on the safety protocols recommended by the General Council of Dentists of Spain and by the Ministry of Health.
  • These measures have been verified by our Occupational Risk Protection company and accepted as adequate.
  • We have incorporated personal protective equipment and protocols (PPE) for all clinic personnel. “To provide the greatest safety for our patients, the first step is to protect our equipment.”
  • For us, many of these measures have not been new. We have always applied them.
  • At Clínica Noguerol, we comply with surface cleaning and disinfection protocols, as stated in the BQDC Quality Certificate.
  • At the organizational level, both in clinical care and in patient reception and scheduling, there are changes that you will notice from the very first moment.

Recommendations for patients

  • Go to the clinic unaccompanied if possible.
  • Please be punctual. We will do our utmost in this regard.
  • Bring as few personal belongings and warm clothes as possible.

We look forward to welcoming you with peace of mind as we reopen our doors.

We trust that our patients will also feel reassured.

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