Tratamiento periodontal: Qué es y en qué casos es necesario


Periodontal treatment: What is it and when is it necessary?

In today’s article we are going to talk about periodontal treatment, focused on the treatment of periodontitis. We tell you what it consists of and in which cases our team of periodontists in Granada advises to start with this treatment to combat gum disease.

What is periodontitis?

Periodontitis is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the tissue surrounding the teeth, called periodontium. Normally a “periodontal pocket” is produced in which bacteria live and from there they destroy the tissues that support the tooth.

This disease appears as an advanced stage of gingivitis, being periodontitis more harmful to teeth and general health. That is why it is so important to visit the dentist in case of symptoms such as bleeding or swollen gums. Remember: A healthy gum does not bleed.

If periodontitis is not diagnosed in time, it can lead to tooth loss and have repercussions on the general health of the sufferer, especially in diabetics. Other possible consequences are the development of cardiovascular diseases, which can even lead to myocardial infarction. According to some studies, there may be a relationship between the acceleration of the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and periodontitis,

This disease affects almost 10% of the world’s population, according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), so its prevalence is high. In fact, periodontitis is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults.

Periodontitis progresses without the sufferer being aware of it, which makes early treatment of the disease difficult. In fact, in smokers, symptoms such as bleeding usually appear in more advanced stages, since smoking reduces blood flow.

This is why it is important to have regular visits to the dentist, at least every six months.

What does periodontal treatment consist of?

Periodontal treatment, or periodontics, will vary depending on the stage of the disease.

  • The basic phase includes scaling and root planing or curettage. This is a manual cleaning below the gums that is performed under local anesthesia. It should be accompanied by the teaching of brushing and hygiene techniques, and patient compliance with these techniques.
  • In certain cases, when the disease progresses, it will be necessary to perform minor periodontal surgeries to completely remove the subgingival calculus or to correct defects that the disease may have left behind.
  • Finally, it is essential to follow a maintenance or follow-up program to prevent or control the possible occurrence of relapses.

Can periodontitis be prevented?

  • To avoid the appearance of periodontitis , it is of great importance to brush your teeth three times a day, the most important being at night.
  • Flossing, mouth rinses and tongue brushing are recommended.
  • Maximum caution if you are diabetic, smoker, have a vascular disease, genetic predisposition, or are pregnant, as these are risk factors.

Diagnosis of periodontitis

In Clínica Noguerol, dental clinic in Granada, we have the latest technology for the diagnosis and monitoring of periodontal treatment. We work with Florida Probe, a tool that allows us to perform the first phase of the periodontal study: probing.

In addition, signs such as bleeding, suppuration, gingival recession and mobility will be assessed for diagnosis.


If you are familiar with the symptoms we have mentioned, or if you have not had a cleaning or check-up at the dentist for a long time, we encourage you to make an appointment with us as a preventive measure.

Our endodontic specialists will check the health of your gums and will indicate the most appropriate treatment for you.

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