What to do about tooth loss?

Tooth loss is one of the most worrisome issues for adults, and even more so for those of older age.

The teeth, in addition to fulfilling a basic and necessary function in our daily life, have a great influence on our self-esteem. For both reasons, it is not advisable to ignore the loss of teeth, and from Clínica Noguerol, as experts indental implants in Granada we intend to inform you on how to replace lost teeth.

How to replace missing teeth?

If you are missing any teeth, it is necessary to visit a dental clinic so that a dentist can evaluate your dental conditions and plan the appropriate treatment for you.

Nowadays, to replace missing teeth, the best option is to opt for dental implants.

What are dental implants? A dental implant is a titanium screw that serves the function of the dental root of the tooth it replaces and on which a dental prosthesis is subsequently placed that serves the function of the tooth.

Dental implants are the first choice of treatment to replace missing teeth, and also have the advantage of providing a very similar sensation to that of natural teeth.

Implants, when correctly integrated into the oral cavity, also facilitate and simplify the patient’s dental hygiene, making their daily life more comfortable.

For all these reasons, at Clínica Noguerol we are clear that if you are missing one or more teeth, the best solution is to opt for dental implants.

What are the causes of tooth loss?

Tooth loss can have several causes, but all of them can be prevented with proper care.

Periodontitis (severe gum infection) is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. When the patient suffers from periodontitis or gingivitis (mild gum infection), it is essential to treat them before dental implant therapy.

Lack of long-term care is another cause of weakened teeth.

Very deep tooth decay or severe dental trauma are two other common reasons for tooth loss.

Regardless of the cause of tooth loss, dental implants are an option to replace them, and Clínica Noguerol has more than 25 years of experience in implant therapy.

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