Contraceptives and gum health

In this post, we are going to clarify the repercussions that oral contraceptives can have on gum health.

The hormones present in contraceptives are associated with an increase in gum inflammation, similar to that of pregnancy, but of lesser intensity. However, taking into account that the intake of tablets can be maintained for longer periods of time, the damage produced in the tissues that support the teeth can be irreversible.

Gingivitis is similar to that usually produced by plaque, but with greater signs of inflammation. Dark spots may also appear on the gums (gingival melanosis). Currently, oral contraceptives have lower doses of hormones. Therefore, the inflammation associated with taking these drugs is less.

Dental hygiene, essential to avoid infections

Using contraceptives today does not necessarily cause serious gum problems, but it is important that women who take them take care of their dental health to minimize the risks.

To do so, they will have to brush their teeth 3 times a day with a good brushing technique and use mouthwash. To complete the process, we recommend the use of a dental irrigator to avoid the presence of food debris on the teeth and gums and the accumulation of bacterial plaque.

Regular check-ups with the dentist

It is recommended that women taking oral contraceptives have their gums checked by their periodontist. As always, good personal hygiene is essential to prevent gum inflammation, but regular visits to the dentist are essential to ensure that the oral cavity is in good condition.

By going to the dentist in time, we will prevent infections from worsening and we will be able to put an end to them with simpler and more economical treatments.

If necessary, professional care should also be carried out at the periodontist’s office.

Experts in periodontal health in Granada

At Clínica Noguerol we have been taking care of our patients’ gums for more than 25 years.

We have the most advanced technology to ensure that the process is a success.

By using the «Florida Probe«, we can observe the state of the patient’s gums and know the risk of suffering a periodontal disease in the future, planning according to this diagnosis, the frequency of visits to the dentist to avoid the development of the infection.

If you are taking birth control pills or you are in another time of your life that may alter your hormones (puberty, pregnancy or menopause), we recommend that you contact our specialists in

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