Noguerol Clinic is one of 54 state-of-the-art dental centers, founders of the international association of Dental Clinics Best Quality Dental Centers «BQDC«.

About BQDC

BQDC is an important network of dental clinics in Spain (with presence in Europe) with a long history as individual clinics. It is a group of dental clinics that have partnered with the aim of offering the best quality therapy and care to their patients. All centers are ISO ISO certification certification as a prerequisite.

What differentiates a BQDC clinic?

The essence of Best Quality Dental Centers is based on the conviction that sharing information, clinical protocols and knowledge will make us better professionals. BQDC brings together a group of clinics that share the desire to offer the best treatments to their patients, combined with excellence in service and the best existing technology in an organized and hygienic environment.

What are the advantages of BQDC for the patient?

The main benefit that patients obtain from our clinics is the guarantee of excellent oral health care: quality of diagnosis and treatment, quality of treatment, quality of communication and explanations; honesty, transparency, good organization and facilities of high technological level and hygienic control.