Our goal is to teach our students all the knowledge and skills necessary to become competent and successful professionals.

Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity

Training at the Noguerol clinic is a fantastic opportunity to access the most up-to-date knowledge in periodontics and implants with an interdisciplinary approach.

Specialized training helps to differentiate in a highly competitive job market

Learn from Better Professionals

We have the latest technology in dentistry.

Grow with the Most Competitive Specialties

"Today, We Don't Need Going Outside Spain to Acquire a High Grade of Competition".

People who are trained and have an interest and passion for being good dentists can go on to have a prosperous career.

You have to be competitive and motivated to train. It is essential to continue to provide continuing education.

Dr. Fernando Noguerol Especialista en Periodoncia e Implantes


Our Facilities

We are proud to offer our patients a newly renovated facility equipped with the latest medical technology for first-class care. Our team of highly qualified medical professionals is ready to provide you with superior quality training.

Take a look at our facilities!

We have not yet published the calls for the next course, but we are working to prepare them.

Please stay tuned so you don’t miss out on the opportunity to register. We are sure we will have good news for you soon.