Dental Aesthetics

Orthodontics is one of the most demanded treatments in our dental clinic in Granada, and Invisalign is undoubtedly the favorite type of orthodontics for our patients.

Aesthetic dental treatments help you to have a more beautiful smile. At any age, we perform different types of treatments to obtain an attractive smile that has an impact on self-esteem and improves your relationship life.

Aesthetic dental procedures are aimed at designing smiles while providing healthy and beautiful teeth.


Digital Smile Diagnosis
(Digital Smile Design)

The latest in cosmetic dentistry is the toolDigital SmileDesign o DSD. This is a very new process that uses photographs of the patient’s face and smile to establish, according to perfectly defined patterns, what should be the shape and position of the patient’s teeth so that they are as harmonious as possible with the rest of the face.

This type of study is a very useful diagnostic tool in very long or very expensive aesthetic cases that somehow create insecurities in the patient. The fact of being able to visualize what the final result will be before starting the treatment gives the patient a lot of confidence and encourages him/her to go ahead with the treatment.
We have digital photographic recording systems and computer programs for the processing of the images obtained and their integration with the patient’s own anatomy.

Oral Anti-Aging Treatments

As the years go by, changes occur in the mouth, which, being slow, tend to go unnoticed, but significantly alter our smile and our image.

These changes are primarily in the shape and color of the teeth and the height of the gingiva. We could say that «the smile loses brightness». Sometimes we worry about doing aesthetic treatments of the face and forget about the mouth.

Anti-aging treatments are fundamentally:

  • Gum care and treatment of periodontal disease.
  • Correction of dental crowns altered in shape or color by means of crowns, veneers or whitening systems.
  • Replacement of missing teeth with implants to restore form and function, which may even result in facial deformities.

Teeth Whitening

The teeth whiteningis a cosmetic treatment that reduces several shades, leaving teeth whiter, brighter and healthier.

The teeth whitening also allows the elimination of stains produced by medication or extrinsic causes such as tea, coffee, mate, cigarettes, red wine, among other substances and foods.

Bleaching has no effect on any type of restorations, such as: amalgams, restorations made with halogen light, inlays and crowns or bridges.

In the case that the patient presents this type of arrangement in the anterior sector above all, whitening is performed and then the restorations that have not changed their color are replaced.

In order to replace these restorations, it is necessary to wait approximately 15 days for the color obtained with the bleaching to stabilize.

Dental Veneers

At the Noguerol Dental Clinic Granada) we also perform dental veneers to improve the aesthetics of our patients. Dental veneers are thin veneers of composite or ceramic of composite or ceramic which, in addition to improving the color of the teeth, can be fabricated to the desired shape, thus providing a solution to many of the most common esthetic complexes.

Composite dental veneers

Composite is a resin (similar to that used for dental fillings) that is applied directly to the patient's teeth. It is a simple treatment and after the corresponding diagnosis, only one session will be necessary for its realization. The specialist will give these dental veneers the desired shape to improve the patient's smile.

Ceramic dental veneers

These dental veneers are not made directly on the patient's teeth, but are custom designed and fabricated in a specialized laboratory and then bonded to the teeth. Ceramic dental veneers are indicated when the esthetic defects are moderate or severe, since in case of slight alterations, composite dental veneers are sufficient. Ceramic dental veneers are more durable and give the patient a more natural look. .

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