Teeth Whitening

Do you want to improve your smile? Have your teeth lost their natural color? Do you have stains on your teeth? If you identify with any of these questions,
teeth whitening may be your solution.

With the passage of time it is inevitable that the color of teeth deteriorates, and dental esthetic treatments are the best solution to recover it.

Tooth whitening is a reliable and minimally invasive treatment that lightens the color of teeth by several shades.

How is Teeth Whitening Performed?

In Clínica Noguerol, we have recently incorporated the Colorimeter, a digital device that helps us to analyze the color of the tooth objectively, and thus perform a whitening treatment tailored to each case.

During the whitening assessment visit, a color study is performed and, together with the patient’s expectations, the treatment is planned.

In our dental clinic, we differentiate between:

Combination Teeth Whitening

In this type of whitening sessions are performed in the clinic, which consist of the application of a whitening agent on the teeth in a concentration much higher than that used at home and that allows to achieve good results quickly.

After the sessions in the clinic, individualized trays are made and the patient is given a product to apply at home (90 minutes a day) for about 4 weeks.

This treatment combination allows optimal results to be obtained in a short period of time.

It is essential that the whitening treatment in the clinic is combined with at-home whitening, so that the results are stable over time.

Home Teeth Whitening

In cases where there is no urgent need for color change, whitening can be performed at home only. This treatment achieves similar final results to combined whitening, but requires more time and patient consistency on a daily basis.

One session of in-clinic whitening is equivalent to 7-10 days of at-home whitening.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

Teeth whitening is not a treatment that lasts forever, As mentioned above, the teeth will lose their color over time. However, the lesser or greater duration of the results depends directly on the patient’s care.

To preserve the results of teeth whitening, Clínica Noguerol recommends:

  • Follow the guidelines and recommendations set by the dentist.
  • No smoking
  • Do not consume excessive foods that stain the teeth, such as coffee.
  • See your dentist annually for a professional dental cleaning.
  • Perform 1 week of at-home whitening annually.

Although it is unfeasible for the new color of teeth to last forever, teeth whitening can be done in
teeth whitening
advantage of tooth whitening is that it can be can be performed from time to time, so the results can be continually renewed to have the perfect smile.

When is Teeth Whitening Recommended?

Whitening is the most requested cosmetic dental treatment by patients. Teeth whitening is a treatment that allows you to lighten the color of your teeth several shades, but this number of shades is finite. Therefore, in cases where tooth stains are moderate or severe, teeth whitening will not achieve the smile the patient desires.

Thus, for the most severe cases of tooth discoloration, the best solution will be the placement of dental veneers, a treatment that we also offer in our dental clinic.

In Clínica Noguerol we make an exhaustive diagnosis from which we plan an individualized treatment for each patient. If you want to improve your smile, we can help you.

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