What is esthetic orthodontics?

Sometimes the decision to wear orthodontics is delayed orthodontics because of the traditional image of bulky, dark-colored brackets that we have in our common imagination. Aesthetic orthodontics is the result of years of technological evolution towards invisibility.

Many of our patients are interested in an esthetic solution because they want the treatment to interfere with their daily life in a minimal way, even at an esthetic level. The purpose of cosmetic orthodontics is to bring your teeth into the position you want them to be in while wearing a natural smile, even with braces.

What type of esthetic orthodontics do you need?

Although there are several types of cosmetic orthodontics, their functionality is exactly the same: to correct your dental problem. The real distinction can be found in the materials or in the aesthetics.

Sapphire brackets

This type of esthetic orthodontics seeks to mimic the color of the appliance parts with the natural shade of your teeth. Sapphire crystal is a material that does not stain or yellow, so whenever you choose an appliance of this type, make sure that the brackets you are offered are made of sapphire and not plastic or porcelain.

Lingual Aesthetic Orthodontics

This treatment is the only totally invisible esthetic orthodontic treatment. The brackets are placed on the inside of the teeth and are designed and created to fit the patient’s teeth based on a digital design.


Invisalign is the esthetic orthodontics that has revolutionized the dental sector. These transparent aligners are made of medical thermoplastic and are practically imperceptible. In addition, it does not cause chafing of the oral mucosa, preventing the appearance of sores.

It is currently the most highly valued type of orthodontics, as it allows great results to be achieved without affecting the patient’s image during treatment. In our clinic we have several types of Invisalign to offer a customized solution for each patient.

What care is required for esthetic orthodontics?

The care of esthetic sapphire orthodontics requires no more hygiene than any other traditional appliance: thorough hygiene of the teeth, brackets and archwire to prevent debris from accumulating and altering the oral microbiota.

Regarding the care of lingual brackets, cleaning is done in the same way as with traditional brackets, with greater care in the internal areas where access is more difficult. Any appliance cleaning should be accompanied by a fluoride rinse and flossing.

Finally, Invisalign esthetic orthodontics is removable, so it can be removed for eating and dental hygiene tasks, which gives it a differential advantage over other dental appliances.

At Clínica Noguerol we are experts in aesthetic orthodontics and more and more patients are undergoing this type of treatment at our dental clinic.

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