Cuánto duran los implantes dentales


How long do dental implants last?

In today’s article we answer one of the most frequently asked questions among patients considering implant treatment. We discuss how long dental implants last and other related topics, such as implant maintenance or possible associated problems.

How long do implants last?

The implants are made of titanium, a very resistant material that fuses with the jawbone through the process of osseointegration. Therefore, the implant itself is permanent, and lasts as long as the jaw bone does, in most cases for the rest of the patient’s life. Although the importance of regular check-ups at the dentist should not be overlooked. Since these are the ones that will favor the permanence of this treatment and its good condition.

But to properly answer the question of how long dental implants last, we must take into account vital factors such as maintenance and oral hygiene. Although we can say that the average duration of a dental implant is 15 to 25 years.

On the other hand, crowns have a shorter lifespan than the implant, as normal wear and tear may lead to the need for replacement. Although with good dental hygiene and respecting the visits recommended by the dentist, it is possible that the duration of the dental crown exceeds 15 years.

What determines how long implants last?

The most important factor regarding the duration of a dental implant is hygiene. If the cleaning factor fails, bacteria can accumulate on the surface of the implant, causing inflammation of the surrounding mucous membrane. When this occurs we speak of mucositis.

When mucositis is not treated, it can progress to peri-implantitis, an even more dangerous problem, since in addition to inflammation, bone loss occurs around the affected tooth. The direct consequence of peri-implantitis is that the implant loses its attachment to the bone and loosens.

On the other hand, there are other factors that can affect the duration of the implant. We refer to diseases such as diabetes or cancer, or smoking, all of which can increase the likelihood of dental implant failure.

How to extend the duration of the dental implant?

  • The best way to keep dental implants in good condition is through regular tooth brushing. Completing oral hygiene with dental floss or irrigator and specific mouth rinses will also help to extend the life of your implants.
  • Avoiding biting into hard foods is another way to prevent a dental implant from deteriorating prematurely.
  • Choosing an experienced dental clinic with a good team of professionals, such as Clínica Noguerol in Granada, is synonymous with a longer duration of dental implants. Both for the choice of good quality materials, as well as for the maintenance of the new denture through annual check-ups. Skipping dental check-ups can be detrimental to the longevity of implants. Without them, we cannot detect possible complications in time.
  • Periodontal maintenance by professionals. Attending your periodontal maintenance appointment following the guidelines indicated by the doctor will allow you to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth that is not removed by daily tooth brushing.
  • Tobacco is one of the external elements that most conditions the time dental implants last. Therefore, we recommend stopping this habit or reducing it as much as possible.

We hope that after reading this post you will have an answer to the question ‘how long do dental implants last’. By following these tips, you can make your dental implants last a lifetime and get the maximum return on your investment.

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